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Integrated planning maximizes the touch points our clients brands can achieve with their target audience. We plan off-and online media, outdoor, broadcast, sponsorships and events to ensure the optimum mix for the respective client needs.Through the internal ‘Fundamental Research’ feed, our media team has access to the latest insights from the market ensuring plans are constructed to leverage the best blend of media platforms.This data is central to the media selection and buying process at Fundamental Media, ensuring clients’ budgets are allocated on a quantitative and qualitative basis.All Fundamental Media schedules are optimised for reach and frequency using the bespoke solutions provided through Intelligence our research database.
Our proprietary research among thousands of professional investors in all key markets allows us to build and substantiate media plans with hard data, detailing reach of selected media in the target groups and the overall cut-through of a campaign.We have a holistic approach and understand that advertising is only one part of the marketing mix. Therefore our research not only covers the media consumption of the various investor groups but identifies all their information and data sources.This quantitative approach is always coupled with the qualitative input of our staff.


All data gathered is managed through our bespoke software – Intelligence, which continually tracks, measures and ranks thousands of fund relevant media including: digital and print platforms, features, surveys, third party events, awards, publishers and their performance on a global basis. This real time information sharing between Fundamental Media offices globally delivers a host of benefits, amongst them, automated schedules and reports for clients. Our team have immediate access to client plans and activities around the world ensuring information opportunities are harnessed wherever possible. Intelligence ties in the research, media, operations and accounts functions of the business seamlessly.
The Fundamental Exchange is a unique media buying strategy which enables clients to access audiences through the purchase of premium digital media using real time bidding.


Digital advertising and media insights specific to the fund management industry are now available for the first time.

With data updated on a daily basis from hundreds of fund-specific websites globally, Fundamental Monitor allows accurate segmentation of the fund management industry by: advertiser, asset class (institutional, wholesale, retail and direct), investment strategy, share of voice and ranking, geography, date and audience.
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The Innovation Lab, Fundamental Media’s internal intrapreneurship mentoring programme was established in 2016. Budding intrapreneurs within the company are given the opportunity to experience the hands-on challenges of developing new products/services from inception to launch. The programme is open to any member of staff regardless of department, position, age and experience, the key criteria being that they have the desire to innovate and get involved. Since launch 18 members of staff from around FM’s global offices have joined to work across six new projects in development. The first product to market developed through the Innovation Lab is Fundamental Monitor which is in its final beta-testing stage.


FM Ignites is the internal venture capital programme open to all staff at Fundamental Media. Anyone who has proven their intrapreneurial abilities by participating in an Innovation Lab project can present their new business idea and plan to the Board. Fundamental Media will invest up to £250k in the idea, the candidate will run the business as Managing Director with support and mentoring from Board members and the Senior Team.

Learning and Development sector

Fundamental Media has in-depth experience in the Education sector and works with a number of high-profile institutions promoting undergraduate, postgraduate and professional qualifications. We understand the challenges our clients face in an increasingly competitive market and create robust and highly measurable campaigns that enable us to reach exceptional candidates in the most cost-effective way.

Our expertise in this field ranges from enabling our University clients to reach the highest quality undergraduate students on a full-time course right through to Business Schools attracting C-Suite Executives looking to further their careers via an Executive Education programme.

Our proprietary research ensures that every media solution is bespoke to our clients; every programme is unique and as such our media plans are individually tailored.

Our work is truly global and our international offices enable us to understand individual target markets at a local level but within the context of an international perspective. Local knowledge and an in depth understanding of the culture and ways of conducting business pertinent to a geographical region are essential in leveraging the best media to the right target market and at the most favourable rates. Find out more